Company profile

Our team is a small, dedicated group of professionals, committed to helping you establish your base of operations in the Baltic states through our network of partners. Providing business concierge services to companies of any size, we are your gateway to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Whether it is business or a private matter, we provide professional help for you to establish the necessary contacts, meet the right people, and get to your destinations. Whatever your goal, Attaché Baltique makes sure you reach it.

Meet our managing director — Jelena Osipkova

Founder and Managing Director of the company, Jelena holds a degree in International Business, having studied in Latvia and France, and later applying her knowledge in the Baltic States and Geneva, Switzerland.

She has experience in business administration, management and also business research and development. As a local, Jelena knows that the three keys to success in the Baltics are punctuality, efficiency, and strong interpersonal relationships.

Combining her excellent organisational and business skills with an innate ability for empathy has led to the establishment of Attaché Baltique as a means to help people reach their business goals or personal needs.