Baltic region

General information about the region we working on

The republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — also known as the Baltic states — have experienced rapid economic rise due to their substantial advancements in recent years, and indeed lead the rankings of growth in the EU now. All three countries are also members of the Eurozone, with very open economies, well developed transport and logistic sectors, and an excellent digital infrastructure. Liberal policies including a simplified tax system, open economy, accessible trade and support for investments offer great opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs.

Located in a key strategic position, as a gateway between Scandinavia and the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the Baltics provide excellent logistics opportunities to reach a diverse variety of markets within its wider surrounding area.

Riga plays a key role in the advance of this competitive business region. The Pearl of Baltics — as it is aptly called — the unofficial capital of the region provides excellent access to the Baltic Sea, boasts one of the most developed broad-band networks in Europe, and offers superb inland connections to neighbouring countries as well. Riga is well positioned to be the place of choice for your business in northern Europe.